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This morning

So it’s morning. The sun is brighter than ever. I long for those summer days when it’s a regular thing to wake up like this.  So not to miss the moment, i took my photo camera, stepped out on my balcony and took this shoot.

A good or bad one is for you to decide; but what makes a landscape photo good? Does it depend on you? Or are there other things to consider? Here are some tips that might lead to a great landscape photo, at least, the basics of it.

First of all the location. Mine is probably not the best, but it’s important to get a nice angle at it.
Then observe the effects of light on the area over the course of a day. Yes, no one said it’s easy to take the shoot you dreamed of. You have to give it some time for it to come out.

Include an element in the foreground of your picture to add depth and scale. But don’t exagerate on that. Many pictures get ruined by having to many distracting elements. Choose the element you want to reveal and focus on that.

Look for a unique vantage point to add interest. Look at the area from a variety of positions and levels. Shoot in the early morning or late afternoon to avoid harsh shadows. Set your camera up on a tripod, take a light-meter reading, and set the aperture and shutter speed.


* Use side or backlighting to give water, grass, leaves and smoke a translucent appearance.*
* The best times to capture a sunset are just as the sun touches the horizon and the 5 minutes after it has set.
* Shoot from a high vantage point when possible.
* Use a polarizer filter to enhance the color or tone of the sky.
* Attach a wide-angle lens to your camera to increase the scope of the picture.

by TLP

Termototal @.awK

Yo. What does weekend mean for all of you? Cause for me as a designer doesn’t really tell much, as I had to work all the weekend at some project for a Glass company.

Termototal is the name of the company and the CEO is an old friend of mine and he asked me to help him out with some design work for his upcoming exibition, what will be held at Expo Transilvania in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. So he wanted to have some of his products photoed for his product gallery and prints. After we took the pictures at Marcel‘s studio (yo dude), some more work had to be done cause the pictures had to be retouched and adjusted.  Here are some images of the products.

And here is a print of the exibition event I made for them. Enjoy!

.thA branD

Being pretty busy lately, didn’t really have the time to post more info on the blog about the project. Had some tries on the brand logo and came up with a kind of logo that I started to like. I wanna share it with you all and I would like you all to post some feedback about it, if u like it, if you hate it, why you like it, why you hate it. So don’t hold back on your thoughts, go on and comment.

Here is what I came up with, maybe is final, maybe will change it in time…. don’t know yet. Help me out with your thoughts.


New posts soon!

It’s ALIVE!!!


I am proud to say that I decided at last to start up my long thought personal project in matter of design. It’s called  .awK (ArtwearK).  The hardest part was to start with a brand, the name for it came to me one day thinking about what it will be about. So the .awK stands for artweark is a mix between artwork and wear, because i plan to make some designs for some cloths to wear, and in the same time representing my art as a graphic designer. Currently working on a brand logo that will represent all my creations to come.

I honestly hope that this project of mine will start to work, get a nice shape, evolve and have an impact on all levels as in my life, my creation development, design trends, fashion trends and so much more.

Other then that this blog will serve as a showroom for my creations from now on all wearing the .awK brand and other graphic design related news and interesting pieces of the visual world of creation.

So let’s hit it and you’ll be hearing from me soon with news and updates.