I am proud to say that I decided at last to start up my long thought personal project in matter of design. It’s called  .awK (ArtwearK).  The hardest part was to start with a brand, the name for it came to me one day thinking about what it will be about. So the .awK stands for artweark is a mix between artwork and wear, because i plan to make some designs for some cloths to wear, and in the same time representing my art as a graphic designer. Currently working on a brand logo that will represent all my creations to come.

I honestly hope that this project of mine will start to work, get a nice shape, evolve and have an impact on all levels as in my life, my creation development, design trends, fashion trends and so much more.

Other then that this blog will serve as a showroom for my creations from now on all wearing the .awK brand and other graphic design related news and interesting pieces of the visual world of creation.

So let’s hit it and you’ll be hearing from me soon with news and updates.